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How Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Make It Work

How Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez Make It Work

On Tuesday evening, Hollywood’s hottest couple Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez turned a red-carpet event for Lopez’s hit show “World of Dance” into date night.

The sexy couple walked the red carpet together, with Jennifer gushing over Alex to “Extra’s” Tanika Ray! As for how she makes time for their relationship with all of her work projects, Jennifer explained, “You know, you make time when it's important. And we absolutely do. It's a juggling act.”

The two always making time for each other and support one another. Lopez said, “We're so proud of each other and so supportive of each other. Genuinely. We want to be there for one another and that's what helps it work.”

Her work ethic as a dancer taught her to “never" give up. Tanika commented, “Which means —you've always said, 'I've loved and I've lost, but I still believe in love.' And look what ya got now. Your king to your queen.” Lopez smiled as she replied, “I always have. Thank you so much.”

Jen, Alex and her “World of Dance” crew celebrated Season 2 of the NBC show, a passion project for her. She shared, “It's a dream job for me… I love the judging and I got to do it on 'American Idol.' I love this mentoring. I love doing this.”

So what can fans expect next season? J.Lo dished, “More sparkles. More jumping. More flipping.”