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Alex Rodriguez Reveals Why Jennifer Lopez Is ‘the Best’ Role Model for His Daughters

Alex Rodriguez Reveals Why Jennifer Lopez Is ‘the Best’ Role Model for His Daughters

Earlier today, “Extra’s” AJ Calloway spoke with Alex Rodriguez as the baseball legend took a break from spending time with his girlfriend Jennifer Lopez to participate in a New York Fashion Week Kia event.

Alex, sporting a racecar driver suit, scoffed at reports that he and Lopez are the most stylish couple. “I like to keep it simple, keep it simple, keep it tight," he said, smiling.

He also opened up about the tight relationship that his daughters, Natasha and Ella, have with Jennifer, saying, “Jennifer’s the best. There is not a better role model than Jennifer. My daughters, they look up to, being a Latina woman in this country, doing the things she has done and the way she pays it forward. If it doesn’t help socially, she is not interested. I can’t even keep up with her jobs. She’s Superwoman, and my daughters, the way they look at her, she has been a great role model for them.”

J-Rod, as they have been called, love spending time together and working out together, even posting pics of Alex doing push-ups with Jennifer on his back. A-Rod said, “We’re in our forties, we love TruFusion — that is where we work out. It’s basically hot yoga meets Barry’s Bootcamp, and for us older folks, we love the heat, we love the way it feels, we love working the core, we try to mix it up.”

“We love living a healthy lifestyle. We ride bikes in the city, we run in Central Park, we do yoga, we do Pilates,” he added.

The couple is also making a difference together, donating money for hurricane relief, encouraging others to do the same. Alex said, “Floridians are tough. We’re gonna come back. Houston, you’re not alone and Miami you're certainly not alone — we’re gonna get in there and help.” He went on to say, “There is a lot of people who are struggling. The important thing for people like us when you’re in this position is to really lean in in tough times and help out.”

Alex is enjoying his retirement from baseball and all the opportunities it has given him, pointing out, “I’m having so much fun being retired. I am spending so much time with my beautiful daughters.” He's also having fun as a judge on “Shark Tank,” the 42-year-old commenting “'Shark Tank' is one of those shows that everybody loves — my daughters love it, my mom, my grandparents, it’s educating; you get a chance to learn something.”

Though he’s no longer playing baseball, he admitted his heart is still with the game. He shared, “I’m an adviser with the Yankees. I’m also connected with the young players. What a dream for baseball if we can have a rematch of the 1981 World Series! The Dodgers against the Yankees would be phenomenal for baseball and this country — it would be awesome!"