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Shannen Doherty on Cancer Battle, 'Heathers' Reboot and Girls' Trip with Chelsea Handler

Shannen Doherty on Cancer Battle, 'Heathers' Reboot and Girls' Trip with Chelsea Handler

“Extra” caught up with Shannen Doherty at a benefit for the Farrah Fawcett Foundation, where she opened up about her health and more.

Shannen, who walked the red carpet with her oncologist and the medical director of the foundation, Dr. Lawrence Piro, told us, “I’m here as somebody who had cancer. For me, I think that it’s always in your head that you always have cancer; I don’t think it ever goes away… I’m here to help stand up for cancer and bring awareness.”

Doherty is now in remission, sporting a cute, short ‘do. She said she loves it “most of the time,” adding, “Sometimes, you feel like a boy.”

Her advice to anyone battling a debilitating disease is to stay positive and keep moving.

“It’s the attitude that you have,” she said. “I was working out during chemo. I was literally throwing up, then working out, throwing up, working out, because I just knew if I didn’t move and get my body going, that my recovery would be a lot harder.”

“It’s just always important to believe there is a rainbow on the other side and that there are beautiful things that come out of the worst situations possible," she contined. "I’ve learned so much about myself. I think I’m a much more vulnerable, kinder human being. I’m allowing my kindness to show through and I’ve developed friendships that are so valuable to me.”

Doherty is excited to be getting back to work on a TV reboot of her '80s film “Heathers,” set to debut on the Paramount Network in 2018. She revealed, “It’s dark and wicked and witty and I did not think anybody could ever do ‘Heathers’ again but boy, did they prove me wrong. The writing is superb. The acting is amazing. Every single thing about the show is great.”

Shannen also dished on her “first official girls' trip” with Chelsea Handler, saying, “Eleven of us girls — that’s a lot of girls!” She added, “I had a blast. It was like my official, first, big girls' trip, and I’m like, 'When are we going back?'”

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