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Nicki Minaj Flaunts Booty-ful Figure in New Belfie

Nicki Minaj Flaunts Booty-ful Figure in New Belfie
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Chart queen Nicki Minaj — who earlier this year became the woman with the most Billboard Hot 100 hits at 76 — is also reasserting herself as the queen of the "belfie," showing off her dangerous curves on Instagram.

In a Saturday morning post of a selfie taken in a hotel room, Nicki rocked a revealing black leotard and silver, fringed boots. Her ample behind dominated the photo, which didn't require or receive a caption.

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In no time flat, she had over a million likes and countless comments, with some arguing she looked "flawless" and others weighing in that the photo showed "just a little too Much."

Nicki may have noticed the few naysayers — her follow-up post showed her looking utterly disinterested in a blonde wig. Caption? "Go away."