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Ramona Singer Weighs In on Luann de Lesseps’ Divorce and Losing Her Brother

Ramona Singer Weighs In on Luann de Lesseps’ Divorce and Losing Her Brother

The drama continues on the season finale of “The Real Housewives of New York” tonight. Earlier on Wednesday, “Extra” was with Ramona Singer, who broke down what fans can expect and opened up about the recent drama surrounding Luann de Lesseps' marriage.

Singer says she has spoken to Luann since she announced her split with Tom D’Agostino after seven months of marriage. “I care about her very much,” Ramona told us, “No one likes to see a relationship end. Yes, us as girlfriends, we had our little thoughts about whether [this marriage] would be the best thing for her, but ultimately she was thrilled, she was happy, she wanted to make it work, so once that was decided by her we were all behind her 100 %.”

Defending the Countess, who is being accused of faking her relationship with Tom, Singer argued, “Luann is a person who, like everyone woman, wants the white picket fence and the knight in shining armor… That’s what she was hoping for.”

A month ago, the “RHONY” cast shot the reunion show, which will not be reshot, even with the news of Luann’s marriage ending. Ramona explained, “Life changes every day.”

As for the finale tonight, Ramona teased, “Something’s going on between Luann and Tom that comes up at the party that no one expects, especially Luann.”

Luann and Tom aren’t the only ones having issues — Ramona’s relationship with Bethenny Frankel has been rocky in the past. She said, “Bethenny and I are in a better place. You’ll see us having this kind of heart to heart talk about relationships.”

The 60-year-old, who has been through her own public divorce, played coy on whether she is dating someone now, saying, “I don’t know what I am doing, everything is day by day.”

Ramona recently learned her estranged brother had passed away, but pointed out that something positive did come out of the situation. She explained, “It’s always a shock when someone close to you passes on… I hadn’t had much contact with my niece… We just chatted for a while and I said, ‘Sometimes out of a bad situation, something good does happen,' and she laughed and I asked her to come to New York and spend a week with us and she is part of the family now.”