'The Voice' News! Rascal Flatts to Join Team Blake as Advisors

'The Voice' News! Rascal Flatts to Join Team Blake as Advisors

Only “Extra” was with “The Voice’s” Blake Shelton as he unveiled Rascal Flatts as his team advisors for Season 13! Members Gary LeVox, Jay DeMarcus and Joe Don Rooney are set to help Blake as he attempts to bring home another win.

Gary said, “Blake’s got such a great ear turning his chair around and finding great people, so it’s been awesome meeting them and giving them some tips. It’s been a lot of fun working with him. A lot of talent, a lot of talent on team Blake.”

Joe agreed it is impressive to see the young talent, saying, “This is so fast, you’re talking about a few months and you’re on the world’s stage. It’s a whole level of pressure, it’s really impressive to see... It’s really inspiring to all of us.”

Blake also announced he wants to ask Rascal Flatts to perform with him on the show! “Yes, I’m going to because this is my show and people do what I tell them to do.”

Shelton also gave his take on the rest of the coaches for the season. “When I think of the other coaches and this season," he said, employing his trademark humor, "it’s going to be some of what we have seen before with Adam and his ego. Miley is a returning coach; she’s changed, she’s turned a dial. She’s country now and that’s an insult to me and I take it personally, so she’s on my hit list. The jury’s out on Jennifer. She’s a sweet person, I like her a lot, beautiful girl, but that doesn’t matter... she is also my competition, so forget her.”

He smiled when asked about whether his girlfriend and former coach Gwen Stefani will make an appearance. “I hope Gwen comes around this season," Blake admitted. "It would be a lot better to have her here than these guys right here, but sometimes you take what you can get.”

“The Voice” returns September 25 on NBC.