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Video! Behind the Scenes at Chloe Bridges’ Lapalme Magazine Photo Shoot

Actress Chloe Bridges looks stunning on the cover of Lapalme Magazine, and “Extra” has a behind-the-scenes look at her photo shoot with Creative Director Derek Warburton and photographer T.J. Manou. Watch!

In the new summer issue, Bridges opens up about “Daytime Divas,” and shares a few facts about her real-life personality.

As far as her favorite part of playing "former child star Libby Ainsley," she shared, "She's a sexually fluid girl who struggles with sobriety, so her storylines have plenty of ups and downs. And she's fun to play because she's basically a party in human form."

TJ Manou/Lapalme Magazine

Although she plays a diva on the VH1 show, she says in real life she is far from it.

Bridges explained, "Usually, I'm too laid-back and wish I was more of a diva. But I hate being cold. I will complain at least once in cold weather."

TJ Manou/Lapalme Magazine

The actress may not have too many diva-like qualities, but when asked what you can do to spoil her rotten, she shared, "Nice restaurants, handbags, and weekend roadtrips."

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