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Chris O’Dowd Welcomes Baby #2 — What’s His Lovely Name?

Chris O’Dowd Welcomes Baby #2 — What’s His Lovely Name?

“Bridesmaids” actor Chris O’Dowd and wife Dawn O’Porter have welcomed another baby into their family!

O’Dowd took to Instagram to announce his wife gave birth to a baby boy, who they have named Valentine. He wrote, "Happy to announce I am the proud owner of this chirpy little chap. Born July 1st, his name is Valentine O'Porter, and he is so delicious. Two sons, my goodness. #soinlove.”

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Seven months ago, Dawn revealed that she was expecting their second child on her podcast, "Get It On." She said, "Hope your 2017 is going really well. Mine certainly is. I am starting a new novel this week, I’m about to turn 38, and I am pregnant.”

“I’ll be investing in a lot of elasticated trousers and dusting off all my old vintage tents, not unlike a lot of people in January,” she joked.

Chris and Dawn, who married in 2012, are also parents to Art, 2.