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Video of Shia LaBeouf’s Profanity-Laced Arrest

 Video of Shia LaBeouf’s Profanity-Laced Arrest

New footage has been released of actor Shia LaBeouf's arrest in Savannah, Georgia.

On Saturday, Shia was taken into custody and charged with obstruction, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness after an altercation with a police officer at Wild Wings Cafe.

In the footage obtained by “Extra,” LaBeouf asks a police officer, "What did I do, sir? I have rights, I’m an American. You’ve got me in my hotel, arresting me in my hotel for doing what, sir?”

Once he was placed in the patrol car, Shia says, "Take these cuffs off. I’m a f**king American, I pay my taxes. Get these sh*ts off my f**king arms… You’re going to put these sh*ts off my arms or you’ll be f**king f**ked.”

"Who are you fighting for? You got a president who don’t give a sh*t about you and you stuck in a police force that don’t give a f**k about you, so you want to arrest white people who give a f**k, who ask for cigarettes? I came up to you trying to be nice, you stupid bitch. I came up to you asking for a cigarette, you dumb f**k. Why would I ask for a cigarette if I was racist? You stupid b*tch,” Shia went on from the backseat of the car. "I was asking for a cigarette, you said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Word,’ and then you arrested me, you dumb f**k. They got cameras everywhere, you dummy. I got more millionaire lawyers than you know what to do with, you stupid b*tch.”

In another video of Shia at the police station, he repeatedly says, “The cuffs are too tight,” asking, "Why am I in custody?”

In a police report obtained by “Extra,” Officer Arthur Bryant claimed that Shia “started using profanity” after his request for a cigarette was rejected. When the officer asked him to leave, Shia reportedly said, “F**k you, you ain’t sh*t… Shut up, b*tch, you work for me — I am a taxpayer. F*ck you. You ain’t going to do sh*t.”

The report also noted that after Shia became “more aggressive,” the police officer called for backup. When the officer tried to put Shia in handcuffs, he “started running towards the Andaz Hotel.” The officer was eventually able to place LaBeouf in handcuffs at the hotel, but the actor “started being combative.” He was escorted into a patrol car after another officer, Kevin Toliver, arrived on the scene. On the way to jail, Toliver claims that LaBeouf “repeated multiple times that I was racist for arresting a fellow white man.” Once they were in the pre-booking area, LaBeouf reportedly “began pulling on my radio, while he was stating that he was grabbing my gun.” After the officer notified Shia that he was grabbing his radio instead, the 31-year-old “leaned over and kissed my hand."

According to officer Zachary Parker, who aided Toliver in the pre-booking area, he stated in the report that Shia “continued to yell, curse, and be disorderly” until the deputies came.

Shia eventually posted bail and TMZ obtained a photo of Shia returning to work on the set of his film “The Peanut Butter Falcon” on Monday.