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Back in Calvin Klein! See Brooke Shields Model Lingerie at 52

She made waves with her provocative 1980s Calvin Klein ads, and now Brooke Shields is back in the famous brand.

Reunited with #MyCalvins. Photo by @GianandreaDistefano for the latest issue of @SocialLifeMagazine.

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Shields stripped down to a CK Perfect Fit bra and matching panties for a sexy photo in Social Life magazine’s July 4 issue, proving she’s still got it at 52.

When the magazine publisher asked what it felt like to be back in her Calvins, Brooke admitted that she recently realized she didn’t own any of the iconic jeans so she asked her agent to have some sent over.

“I sat on the floor going through the jeans… and yes, it was an emotional moment for me and I didn’t want anyone else to be in the room. I wanted to have my own experience,” Brooke explained.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t get on the floor and do the pose. If I had done that, I would have had to be sent away,” she joked, “but I did look at myself in the mirror and I thought: 'Okay, okay, this is good… you look good.'”

The “Suddenly Susan” star also gave her 14-year-old daughter Rowan two pairs of CK jeans.

“That’s close to the age I was when I shot the ad,” she said. “I didn’t say anything when I gave her the jeans, and we didn’t talk about it, but it was definitely a full-circle moment.”

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