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Alec Baldwin Defends Johnny Depp After Donald Trump Controversy

“Extra’s” Hilaria Baldwin went one-on-one with her husband Alec as he got ready for Spike TV's "One Night Only: Alec Baldwin” tribute at the famed Apollo Theater. The accomplished actor and comedian, who has been praised for playing President Trump on “SNL,” weighed in on the controversies surrounding Trump and other famous names.


Johnny Depp recently sparked controversy for his joke about assassinating the President. Alec said, “I think everyone gets a pass to a degree. When Kathy Griffin did what she did and Colbert said what he said, these are people that are on TV, that are in the media all the time, so they are bound to make mistakes, they are bound to trip and fall and say the wrong thing, and politicians as well, they say things that are awful or thoughtless or crazy or mean-spirited. There is a lot of surface area there because they have mics shoved in their face.”

As for Johnny in particular, he commented, "I don’t think Johnny Depp meant to say that he wants to kill the President. I think Johnny Depp is a pretty sane guy. He might be a little exotic. People, make mistakes — I’ve made my mistakes.”

Baldwin also came to Kathy Griffin’s defense after she appeared in a photo holding a mask made to resemble the President’s bloody, severed head. He argued, “I think that Kathy didn’t mean that she wants to chop the President’s head off. It’s game of politics. If you give them the ammunition, they’re gonna shoot you back. Kathy made a mistake and they chopped her up, Johnny Depp’s getting kicked around, I’ve been in that situation before — they put you in the dunk tank, they have a lot of fun with you. then it goes away.”

On a lighter note, "One Night Only: Alec Baldwin” will feature comedic tributes from his closest friends and co-stars, including Julianne Moore, Tracy Morgan, Kate McKinnon, Jane Krakowski and Jack McBrayer. Alec said, “It’s very sweet. Half of it’s making fun of you and roast, and half of it is ‘This Is Your Life.’ I’m very happy. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Hilaria was also set to take the stage herself and speak of her husband, saying, “We are here to celebrate you and make fun of you." She joked, “I have to read the things that were written for me… and I don’t know if we are still going to be married tomorrow.”

"One Night Only: Alec Baldwin" will premiere on Spike TV Sunday, July 9, at 9:00 p.m.