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Lily Collins Talks About New Anorexia Movie and Her Own Battles with an Eating Disorder

Actress Lily Collins graces the cover of the July-August 2017 edition of Shape magazine.

In the issue, Lily talks about her new Netflix film about anorexia called “To the Bone," and overcoming her past struggles with eating disorders.

Adam Franzino/Shape

Collins explained, “I did consider that talking about my struggles with an eating disorder would overshadow my accomplishments as an actor, but I also knew this was something I needed to do to move forward as a human and an actress. I needed to let go.”

The star has indeed moved forward, so much so that she is now able to play a woman who checks into rehab due to her battle with anorexia.

At some points, her role in “To the Bone" was not easy for Lily.

“I had to remind myself that they hired me to tell a story, not to be a certain weight. In the end, it was a gift to be able to step back into shoes I had once worn but from a more mature place.”

Collins' experiences have given her a new outlook on life.

“I used to see healthy as this image of what I thought perfect looked like — the perfect muscle definition, etc. But healthy now is how strong I feel. It’s a beautiful change, because if you’re strong and confident, it doesn’t matter what muscles are showing. My body is the shape it is because it holds my heart.”

These days, Lily says she steers clear of processed food, preferring to go farm-to-table. She does splurge on dessert when out with friends, or after baking at home.

Collins said when it comes to exercise, “I try to be active in some way every day. It’s my time to disappear and be in my own world. I can also push myself past what I thought I was capable of… I used to feel guilty if I skipped a workout in the past, but now it just means life is offering up things that I want to do instead. Those ellipticals will always be there, but experiences won’t."

Check out more with Lily at Shape.com, and watch “To the Bone” on Netflix July 14, 2017.