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DeMario Jackson’s First Words After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Sex Scandal

DeMario Jackson’s First Words After ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Sex Scandal

“Bachelor in Paradise” contestant DeMario Jackson is breaking his silence after the show’s suspension.

“Extra” obtained video of DeMario as he left a Starbucks in Los Angeles yesterday. Though he responded with a “no comment” to what happened in Mexico, he did say that Corinne is an “awesome girl.” Watch!

DeMario appeared to be on good terms with Corinne, who has not spoken publicly on the incident.

On the same day, Jackson was also seen heading to the gym. When asked for his side of the story, he told DailyMail.com, "My side will be coming. Soon, soon I promise. I'm great. Family, friends and Kanye West... His music… Thanks for all the love.”

It was the first time that DeMario was seen since news broke about his alleged involvement in the scandal. It has been reported that Jackson and Corinne Olympios engaged in sex acts while intoxicated.

Sources close to DeMario told TMZ that he wants the footage of his encounter with Corinne to be released. According to those who have seen the footage, the encounter seemed consensual.

Warner Bros. immediately suspended production on the show to throughly investigate “allegations of misconduct.” In a statement, Warner Bros said, "Once the investigation is complete, we will take appropriate responsive action.”

The show had been scheduled to premiere in August.