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Why Miranda Lambert Isn’t Interested in an ‘American Idol’ Gig

Why Miranda Lambert Isn’t Interested in an ‘American Idol’ Gig

Only “Extra” was with Miranda Lambert in Nashville as she gets ready for the CMT Music Awards.

While rehearsing her song “Pink Sunglasses,” the country queen told “Extra’s” special correspondent Alecia Davis, “I get to do a little something fun… It just seemed like for this week, the perfect song.”

She also opened up about the lyrics behind her other hit, “Tin Man,” which she performed at the ACM Awards in Las Vegas. Lambert shared, “The Tin Man is a universal character that everybody in the world knows, he’s famous for wanting a heart, but I guess it’s kind of my warning to the Tin Man, like sometimes if you have [a heart], they can break.” The 33-year-old drew inspiration from Kenny Chesney’s 1994 song “Tin Man," saying, “It’s my version of the same emotion.”

Miranda is proud of her double album, “The Weight of These Wings,” and loves singing her songs on the road. One thing she has no plans to do is expand her career to TV. She said she isn’t even interested in a TV gig like being a judge on the “American Idol” reboot. Why? She smiled, saying, “It’s the camera thing that gets me. Can we just do it over the phone?” She elaborated, “Anything with television, I appreciate the opportunity and I have to get my music out there, but that’s really where it stops there.”

Aside from singing at the CMT Music Awards, Miranda is also getting the word out about her charity project, hosting the inaugural MuttNation March on June 8 to raise money and awareness for shelter pet adoption. “We do everything from medical treatment to puppy mill rescues to when there’s a natural disaster, we send our mobile unit in to house dogs.”

After this busy week, Miranda is looking forward to summer break at her Tennessee farm. “It’s paradise, all my animals are there, I’ve got a pond and a pool and I sort of just don’t wear makeup for a week. It’s my favorite.”