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'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Reveals What She Wants in Her Ideal Man, Plus: Her Biggest Deal-Breaker

'Bachelorette' Rachel Lindsay Reveals What She Wants in Her Ideal Man, Plus: Her Biggest Deal-Breaker

Rachel Lindsay is the newest “Bachelorette” and she knows exactly what she wants and does not want in a man! After competing on the most recent season of “The Bachelor” with Nick Viall, Rachel is starting her journey at “The Bachelorette,” telling “Extra’s” special correspondent, “General Hospital’s” Ryan Pavey, all about it!

Rachel was not only the first African-American bachelorette, she was also the first to be revealed even before her season’s “Bachelor” (Nick) had proposed (to Vanessa). Nick let her go, but she’s happy he found love, saying, “To see him finally get what he wants, how can I not that be happy for that?”

In a "Bachelorette” first, Rachel met some of the hot single men vying for her love in the “After the Final Rose” episode. She revealed, “I was so nervous. I cannot get over that. I cannot believe I thought I was meeting them on a screen. It was not a reality that I was meeting them in person until I literally saw the guy walking out! I was like, ‘Wait a minute — this is actually happening.'”

The 32-year-old lawyer from Dallas admitted she was smitten with some of them, commenting, “I’m not going to name who, but I think it was very obvious to the audience that I found something that I liked in each one of them!”

As for the things she is looking for in a man, Rachel shared, “Sense of humor, they have to have confidence, security, they need to be very self-aware and know exactly what it is that they want, good morals, and they need to be able to talk sports with me.” And what’s a deal-breaker? She said, “Bad breath.”

There’s also one thing that Rachel wants all these men to know about her going into this: “That I am going to be extremely open and honest and real with these men and so I want them to do that exact same thing for me.”

Rachel spent the day at “The Bachelorette” mansion, hanging with some of the past girls like Corrine, Raven and Jasmine. Corrine told Ryan, “Rachel is now one of my dearest friends — I could not be happier for her. Rachel and I have this special bond that wasn’t shown on the season, but it’s definitely there — she’s amazing.”

Raven pointed out that Rachel brought the best out of the girls, dishing, “Rachel was just able to say, ‘Oh, I see the beauty in you and I see this about you that someone else doesn’t see,' so I think that all collectively made us Team Rachel.”

Ahead of the season premiere, Rachel just told reporters that she's engaged!

“The Bachelorette” premieres May 22.