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Is Kelly Clarkson Becoming an ‘American Idol’ Judge?

Is Kelly Clarkson Becoming an ‘American Idol’ Judge?

Earlier this week, it was revealed that “American Idol” is returning to TV next year!

Rumors are swirling that ABC is eyeing former winner Kelly Clarkson as a judge on the show. TMZ reports that there is “serious interest” in Clarkson, whose team is reportedly opening up her schedule for the show.

“American Idol” alum Clay Aiken recently shared his thoughts on if he would consider a judging gig if offered one. He told Salon, “I don’t anticipate a call. If you’re going down the list of ‘Idol’ contestants, who should be a judge, I’m not at the bottom of it, but I would say there is two or three — Kelly, Carrie [Underwood], Jennifer Hudson, maybe Chris Daughtry, who are a little bit higher on the list. If they make it down to number five, call me up!” Watch!

The site also reported that “American Idol” will be shooting the audition episodes in Florida and California, instead of going from city to city like the original show.

Ryan Seacrest has also been commenting on the rumors that he could return to the show as its host. He shared on “Live with Kelly and Ryan”on Monday, “I had said at the end of the series, ‘Good-bye for now,’ hoping somewhere it would come back. I had no idea it was being talked about to come here until late last week I heard a rumor in the news and made a phone call, and they said, ‘Yeah, it may actually end up here.’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s kind of good to know since I work here.’ So what I do know is, apparently it’s unofficial but very close to being said it will be here. I don’t know if I can host it…"

The format of the show is still unclear, but what is known is it will be coming to ABC.