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Hilarious! What Eva Longoria Told Her Mom About Those Pregnancy Rumors

Hilarious! What Eva Longoria Told Her Mom About Those Pregnancy Rumors

Actress Eva Longoria is setting the record straight on recent rumors that she is pregnant.

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez, Eva’s good friend, caught up with her in a vintage lowrider car as she promoted her new movie “Lowriders.” She told him all about the call she got from her mom when photos surfaced of her with a bloated belly, joking, “I was just having a cheese baby.”

“I had a plate of cheese and apparently I'm lactose intolerant because I went pooof. Usually I don't care. I don't comment…” Eva elaborated. "My mom called me and my mom was like, ‘Did you see the pictures? You can tell me.' And I looked at the pictures and I was like, 'I look pregnant. Like, all right, Mom, I'ma give you this one. I'm not pregnant. I'm only having a wine baby or a cheese baby.'"

Eva was indulging while on vacation in Spain with husband José “Pepe” Baston. She dished, “We went to Longoria. My town. Oh, my God — it was amazing! It was so emotional. The whole town came out on the street and they're applauding and couldn’t believe I came to visit them and I went to the house where my ancestors lived 500 years ago and the people that lived there invited us in for lunch.”

The couple are getting ready to celebrate their one year anniversary in Cannes, where she’ll be promoting her work with L’Oreal. She shared, “Pepe and I are celebrating our one year anniversary while I’m in Cannes.” As for the love of her life, she gushed, “He's amazing. He's so great.”

Eva is looking hot on the her Women’s Health cover. She laughed, “That was pre-vacation. And then vacation happened. People were like, 'Eva doesn't look like that.' Well, it was pre-vacation!”

In her new movie “Lowriders,” Eva is playing the stepmom to a street artist caught up in his father’s custom-car world, a premise with which she personally connected. “We grew up with ‘Lowriders,' I play Gloria in the movie, but I was like, 'I know Gloria — she was my neighbor.'”

She pointed out that the culture depicted in “Lowriders” is everywhere, saying, “This is the first time you see it on the big screen represented in this way. I can’t even call them cars, they are works of art.”

And of course Mario had to have some fun with Eva in the car. When Mario commented, “I got some switches I wanna hit with you,” Eva responded, “Ahhh! Mario, don't break this car.” Mario added, “We can go down easy, watch.”

Watch Eva in “Lowriders” May 12.