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Eva Longoria Reveals How She Really Feels About Working Out

Eva Longoria Reveals How She Really Feels About Working Out

Actress Eva Longoria has a rockin’ bod, but she has a confession to make — she’s not a fan of workouts!

In the June issue of Health magazine, Longoria admits, "I don't enjoy working out. I like the way I feel after working out. I always wish my trainer doesn't show up. I'm always like, ‘I hope he cancels, I hope he cancels…’”

Eva recently joked about canceling a Pilates session after a fun night out with friends. Watch the funny Snapchat video!

Working out may not be fun for her, but she does point out why it is important, saying, "I've had friends who don't work out or take care of themselves, and all of a sudden, there's a health issue.”


How does she stay in shape? The 42-year-old reveals in the piece, "I'm a runner, first of all. I run a lot. But I also do SoulCycle, Pilates, yoga. I usually mix it up. Now I'm starting with weight training.”

Thanks in part to her hot body, Longoria kills it on the red carpet, but even she has had regrets in the fashion department. "There was a 'Tomb Raider' premiere where I wore all leather,” she recalls. "It was very appropriate for 'Tomb Raider,' but it was almost like I was going to a theme party… There is a decade of me just showing my stomach. Like, 'Okay, Eva, can you stop wearing a crop top? Must you wear a crop top on every red carpet you go to?’”

For more on Eva, grab a copy of Health magazine, out on newsstands May 12!