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Does Tina Knowles-Lawson Know the Gender of Beyoncé’s Twins?

“Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with Tina Knowles Lawson at Universal Studios Hollywood, where she gushed about becoming a grandma again to Beyoncé’s twins.

Sitting next to her husband of two years, Richard Lawson, Tina shared, “It’s the biggest blessing. I’m so excited!”

As Queen Bey awaits the arrival of her bundles of joy, Tina said, “She’s feeling really good.”

While some suspect Bey is expecting boys, Tina says she has “no idea” on the gender of the babies. Months ago, rumors swirled that Bey was having boys after she sported earrings that she wore in her 2006 music video, “If I Were a Boy.”

When Mario asked if she would like to be a grandma to girls or boys, Tina responded, “I would be happy with whatever God gives me.”

Tina is living in Los Angeles while Bey and husband Jay Z are house hunting in the City of Angels. Tina said, “Who would’ve thought at 59 years old, I’d come back and have a new man, a new house, in a new city?!"

Speaking of her hubby, Tina revealed that they have “known each other for 33 years.” He chimed in, “Well, 35.”

The two were friends before things turned romantic. He said about their relationship, "What we admired about each other was that she helped hundreds of people. And I've always been a helper."

Tina and Richard are helping aspiring actors in Los Angeles by building the new non-profit Waco Theater and Performing Arts Center.

This Saturday, Tina is hosting the Wearable Art Gala. Tina teased, “I’m gonna be Mother Earth, so I’m taking all these leaves and I’m making a dress out of leaves, flowers, and branches.”

The gala will be attended by Beyoncé, Solange, and Kelly Rowland, who are “gonna be the Vanna Whites for our auction.”

For more on Tina and Richard’s endeavor, visit Wacotheatercenter.com!