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Mel B's Former Nanny Sues Her for Libel, Claims 7-Year Sexual Relationship

Mel B's Former Nanny Sues Her for Libel, Claims 7-Year Sexual Relationship
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Lorraine Gilles, the nanny formerly in the employ of Mel B and her estranged husband Stephen Belafonte, has filed a lawsuit against Mel, citing libel, invasion of privacy, and intentional infliction of emotional distress over allegations that she and Belafonte had an affair, that she became pregnant, and that the sexual relations she had with Mel were anything but consensual.

Gilles asserts that Mel B's recent divorce declaration is a pack of lies designed to help her obtain a permanent restraining order against Belafonte.

According to TMZ, Gilles is seeking damages for Mel's portrayal of her as a "homewrecker, prostitute, and extortionist." She claims Mel "maliciously" described Gilles as being "impudent, unscrupulous, and exploitive."

Mel B had claimed, in her declaration seeking divorce, that she was coerced into having sex with Gilles by Belafonte, whom she also accused of physical abuse. Belafonte has denied all of Mel's claims.

It is Gilles' contention that it was Mel who initiated their sexual relationship, telling Gilles — then 18 — that she and Belafonte had an open marriage. According to Gilles, they had group sex just 10 days after meeting, and carried on a seven-year relationship, but "at no point did Gilles and Belafonte engage in any sexual acts without [Mel B's] knowledge or participation and at no point did Gilles and Belafonte represent to [Mel B] that Gilles was pregnant with Belafonte's child."

Gilles says in her filing that she was pregnant from a one-night stand and sought guidance from Mel. She claims Mel "assisted in arranging an appointment for an abortion," and denies having had sex with Belafonte for "several months" at that time.

Gilles also refutes Mel's contention that sex tapes exist that were used to assert power over her, stating she is in possession of no such tapes, but acknowledging they exist — and were filmed by Mel, whom she paints as a willing participant.

The new filing by Gilles is another chapter in what is already shaping up to be one of Hollywood's all-time ugliest splits.