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‘The Voice’ Contestant Judith Hill Dated Prince Before He Died

‘The Voice’ Contestant Judith Hill Dated Prince Before He Died

A year after Prince's death, more details are being released in new court documents.

In papers released by the Minnesota Judicial Branch, it was revealed that Prince and former “The Voice” singer Judith Hill were dating for nearly two years before his sudden passing. Detective Christina Wagner said in the search warrant, “I learned that Judith and Prince were involved in a romantic relationship since the fall of 2014.”

Judith was with Prince just days before his death. They were on a plane together when he “passed out." He was treated with a shot of Narcan.


The documents revealed that Prince and Judith communicated “via landline phone or email.” As for his secret alias, the papers said, “Judith confirmed that Prince would use the name 'Peter Bravestrong' when he would travel… This is the same name found on the tag from the suitcase located in Prince’s bedroom and the email account found on Prince’s laptop computer. "

The search warrants reveal that the suitcase contained prescription bottles with pills other than the ones listed on the labels. The bottles were under his bodyguard Kirk Johnson’s name.

The documents revealed that opioid painkillers were found throughout his Paisley Park estate. The opioids were stored in containers like vitamin bottles.

According to the documents, Dr. Michael Schulenberg prescribed Prince Oxycodone a week before his death. Schulenberg had “put the prescription in Kirk Johnson’s name for Prince’s privacy.” Johnson was Prince’s bodyguard.

Last year, Prince died at the age of 57 due to a fentanyl overdose.