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Mommy Shamers Come for Kelly Clarkson

Mommy Shamers Come for Kelly Clarkson
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Singer Kelly Clarkson shared a sweet video of her daughter River experiencing Nutella for the first time β€” but some of the responses on the Instagram post have been decidedly sour.

In the video, Clarkson asks River if she likes Nutella. The little girl, happily chomping on some toast covered with the stuff, admits, "Yeah," in a satisfied whisper.

As reported by Us Weekly, a commenter referred to feeding children the sugary snack as "child abuse," kicking off a battle between mommy defenders and mommy shamers. The video has been viewed over 3.6 million times.

So far, Kelly has yet to comment on the controversy, but some of her defenders have spoken up. "Good for you for allowing her to try different foods," one offered. Another summed up the voice of the resistance by writing, "Kids around the world eat and enjoy Nutella who knew this could invoke such nasty comments #EveryonesACriticAye #GetOverIt #KidsWillBeKids 😊."