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Chelsea Handler Grades President Trump

Chelsea Handler Grades President Trump

TV personality Chelsea Handler is back for Season 2 of her Netflix talk show “Chelsea.” “Extra’s” Renee Bargh sat down with Chelsea, who dished on what fans can expect when the show returns Friday.

The comedian and actress, who has been outspoken regarding the current political climate in the U.S., gave her take on the current administration when asked how she would grade President Trump. “Is there a grade below F?” She went on to say, “Everything is a catastrophe. Every single day is a different new cycle — it’s chaos… You can’t get lazy, you have to sign petitions, you have to call your Congress people… Now it’s so much more important than ever to be a voice of reason, be a voice of justice and defend people. There’s no price tag on it.”

Handler also weighed in on United’s treatment of a passenger on an overbooked flight. She said, “I don’t think anybody is going to be flying United for a while. I can’t even imagine the circumstances that would call for them to treat a man like that, poor guy.” She smiled as she offered, “American Airlines all the way.”

Chelsea’s show will continue to feature politics since “it’s the best topic around, but she will try some new things, too. She revealed, “We’ve traveled to so many places this season. We had a lot of fun. Netflix is kind of like, ‘Here, leave the country for a while and we’ll pay.'”

The show is also expanding — from 30 minutes to an hour. Chelsea pointed out, “We have more time delving into topics that I want to. Feels a little bit calmer so we can really take our time with stuff. We did a bunch of dinner parties, a bunch of out-of-studio stuff. Anything that makes me uncomfortable, I like to do.”