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Anne Hathaway Dishes on Being Pregnant During ‘Colossal’ Filming

Anne Hathaway Dishes on Being Pregnant During ‘Colossal’ Filming

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh recently sat down with Anne Hathaway and Jason Sudeikis as they promoted their new film “Colossal.”

During their chat, Anne revealed that she was pregnant while shooting the film, which is about a woman who learns that severe catastrophic events are somehow connected to the mental breakdown she's suffering. She shared, “Yes, four months pregnant.” She added, "It looks like I just gained weight for the part. I did gain weight; it's just… it was happening anyway.”

Anne and husband Adam Shulman welcomed their son Jonathan in March last year. Along with their son turning one, the pair are about to celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary later this year. She gushed, "Sincerely, from my heart, my life changed in a big way for the better when I met my husband, and I'm just a really lucky person and I'm in a relationship that I get a lot from… I count myself really blessed.”

Jason chimed in about Shulman, “He's, like, a great dude, too,” and went on to say that he met the pair “as a couple early on.”

Anne and Jason also joked that they did the movie because of the “money.” Getting serious, Anne continued, "I had asked my agents if they could please, like, just be on the lookout for something just creative and different and weird, and this is what came back.”

“Colossal” hits select theaters Friday.