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Harrison Ford Is Flying Another Plane After Close Call

Harrison Ford Is Flying Another Plane After Close Call

Just days after his near-collison at John Wayne airport, actor Harrison Ford was back piloting a plane!

On Thursday, Harrison was seen flying a private jet with a co-pilot by his side at Santa Monica Airport.

When X17 photogs asked Harrison about his well-being after the incident, he responded with a laugh. Watch!

TMZ has obtained a photo of Harrison landing on the taxiway on Monday in Orange County. The photo was taken by a man looking out a terminal window who thought the plane might crash. He told the website that Ford was in no position to land his vintage plane and had “completely misjudged the runway.”

According to the man, Ford’s plane was “very close to the ground” before he positioned it to land successfully, and it “hit hard” on the taxiway.

The FAA is reportedly conducting an investigation into the incident. Depending on the results, the FAA could issue a warning or suspend Harrison’s pilot license.