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Thomas Rhett & Wife Expecting a Baby… and Adopting One from Africa!

Thomas Rhett & Wife Expecting a Baby… and Adopting One from Africa!

It’s double congratulations for country star Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren, who are about to be the proud parents of not one, but two kids!

While on a safari in Tanzania, Lauren began to feel sick, but thought there was no way she was pregnant. The couple had stopped trying to have a baby after they started the process to adopt a child from Africa in the months prior to the week-long trip… but sure enough, she was pregnant!

Lauren told People magazine, “When we began the adoption process, we said, ‘Let’s wait, let’s give this adopted child his or her time with us and then we’ll continue our family,’” She continued, “I was convinced it was food poisoning.”

The two took to Instagram to share the exciting news. Both posted a photo of the couple holding gold balloons in letter shapes that spelled “BABY."

The 26-year-old singer wrote, "We're so happy to announce that we are pregnant & in the process of adopting a child from Africa! Safe to say life is about to get crazy! 😜”

Lauren shared, "OH BABY! 😍 actually...BABIES! Our hearts are exploding with happiness for y'all to meet our new baby who we are bringing home from Africa soon🙏🏼🙌🏼 who is also going to have a little brother or sister because, SURPRISE! there's a sweet baby in my belly too 💛💛 #adopting&pregnant #cominginhot2017”.

The couple had been trying to start a family for a while, the 27-year-old revealing to People, “We tried to get pregnant for a little bit before… It was a good chunk of time and our family is extremely fertile, so I was expecting it to happen easily. I was like, ‘Maybe this is the Lord’s way of telling me adoption is what He wants me to do.’ And I was okay with that.”

Lauren continued, “It’s funny to me how we tried so hard and then we didn’t try at all and it happened!” Lauren says. “We feel like it’s all part of the plan.”

The "Die a Happy Man” singer is getting ready to head out on the road again for his Home Team tour, and has already made sure the bus is well-equipped for babies. “I took a whole row of bunks out of my bus and got a baby crib put in there. So we’re getting life on the road ready for when we do bring them out there.”

The couple met while they were in kindergarten. They celebrated their four-year anniversary in October.