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How Gwen Stefani Chose Love After Splitting with Gavin Rossdale

“Extra’s” AJ Calloway got to spend Valentine’s Day with Gwen Stefani in New York. The superstar singer was away from her country crooner Blake Shelton for the day, but that didn’t stop her from talking about love!

Spending a little time on Valentine's Day in NYC with @GwenStefani 👀 out for the interview only on @ExtraTV

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Earlier in the day, Gwen posted that she received flowers. While blushing, she shared, “I was like, wait who are these from? Maybe the cowboy sent them to me.” She finally figured it out, saying, “They're from the cowboy!”

The cowboy helped her heal and choose love after her highly publicized divorce from Gavin Rossdale... a perfect reason why she is Revlon’s Global Ambassador for their “Choose Love” campaign.

“It’s just a very genuine love for makeup – and then on top of it, when they said it was going to be a 'choose love' campaign, I said it's a parallel to, like, my own personal life right now, 'cause when you go through something personal and traumatic, you have a choice. You have a choice to make something positive out of that, and that’s really what I did, and it was hard, but it was actually, like, I’m gonna do this – I’m gonna make a record out of this. I’m gonna pick myself up and make something great out of this.”

With the heartbreak and love, she made some amazing music along the way, admitting it was “a shock.” Gwen elaborated, “I didn’t know if I was gonna do music again or write songs again, it just kind of channeled down to me – it was just a spiritual place to be, and then I got to go on tour for the first time in like 7 years… after everything I’ve been through; my career, my life... and to have that exchange of love between the people that have supported me all those years and listened to the music... it was like a reboot, like a recharge.”

She is in a better place now, emphasizing, “So I’m in a really good, peaceful, like, grateful place right here.”

Gwen is teaming up with boyfriend Blake for a song, but shooting down rumors she's working on a country album. “I don’t have a country album, no, absolutely no. I have a country playlist that I’m learning.” She went on, “It’s interesting, I’ve learned a lot about country music in the last couple years.”

She also gushed about working with Shelton, sharing, “I got to write with him, which was a dream, like beyond a dream… we have this song together, it was like, 'oh my gosh, we wrote a song together over email – it’s kinda cool!'"

Gwen is also super excited to work with Céline Dion, who is her advisor on this season of “The Voice.” She shared, “That was crazy. I feel like she was the one to get… for Céline to come and mentor, it was crazy, 'cause she is the ultimate. She speaks to the world with her music… it's almost exhausting being around her 'cause she's so full of life and sweetness, and you’re like, 'wow, are you a real person?' – and you are – that’s what I love about you. And it was a crazy couple of days, and blessed to have that experience in my life.”