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Hannah Jeter Dishes on Baby Names Weird, Food Cravings After Pregnancy Announcement

Hannah Jeter Dishes on Baby Names Weird, Food Cravings After Pregnancy Announcement

Only “Extra” was with Sports Illustrated supermodel Hannah Jeter today, a day after she revealed she and Yankee legend husband Derek are expecting their first child.

Hannah chatted with “Extra’s” AJ Calloway about her pregnancy and super-hot SI spread, before tonight's big reveal of the swimsuit edition.

The 26-year-old, who is feeling pretty good these days, is already having pregnancy cravings. “So I don’t eat meat, but now I crave beef jerky all the time, which is kind of interesting.” Loving sweet and salty treats, she shared, “I like a lot of gummies, like candy and stuff like that… anything salty, sweet.” Though she used to be a picky eater, she added, “Now it’s like… give me everything!”

On Monday, Hananh announced on The Players' Tribune that she was expecting a baby girl. She surprised Derek with the gender reveal, commenting, “I found out, then I surprised him. It was good, we're excited.”

The father-to-be already has a name picked out for their little girl, but Hannah is not quite there yet. “I think I’m emotional right now, so I can’t decide. I don’t know what I like. I think I hate everything, so I’m not there yet. Maybe towards the end I’ll get there, but for now I’m not brainstorming, I’m just trying to keep healthy and not sick.”

Hannah revealed they're planning to have more kids. “I want a team. Let’s just get through one and we’ll see how I feel. A couple maybe… three or four.” But for now, they're focusing on having a healthy baby.

Appearing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition for the fifth time, Hannah pointed out she didn’t even know she was pregnant when shooting it!