Rob Lowe on ‘Code Black,’ Stars & Politics, and Upcoming Projects

Rob Lowe on ‘Code Black,’ Stars & Politics, and Upcoming Projects

Rob Lowe is back on TV in the CBS hit, “Code Black”!

The star joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood to talk about his latest projects, and gave his take on the current political landscape.

Lowe told Mario what he thinks of President Trump’s first few weeks in office, saying, “Oh my God, I don’t think I ever lived in a time where you wake up every day and like, 'What has happened now?!' I listened to a press conference on the way here, and it’s a brave new world.”

He also gave his opinion of many of his fellow actors and actresses using awards season as a platform to speak their minds about the Trump administration, as many did during the SAG Awards. “Well, there’s a great tradition of it. Nothing was more entertaining than watching Sacheen Littlefeather accept Marlon Brando’s Oscar. That was the beginning! So there’s a great tradition of it. I think that artists have as much a right as anybody to speak their opinion. I think it comes down to the individual person as to whether you want to use that moment to make a political point, or to acknowledge the people that helped you get there and to talk about the work. I think it’s just a matter of your point of view.”

The actor is not only busy with his work on TV, he also has three movies he's working on.

On the hit show “Code Black,” Lowe is having a lot of fun. “It was fun for me to go from comedy to such a hard-hitting medical drama. I play an Army combat medic who’s now working at the biggest, most overcrowded, most chaotic Los Angeles hospital, and this is our season finale.”

Rob continued, "We had a major character get killed last week, and people have really been very upset about it, which is what you want. There’s a lot going on.” He also loves that his character gets physical. "Hanging from helicopters, I’ve been lowered onto submarines, hanging from cranes 400 feet in the air.”

He will also be starring in Mario’s personal favorite, “How to Be a Latin Lover.” Mario quipped, “Please tell me you’re playing a Latino?” Rob smiled, “Here’s the thing first of all, why didn’t I come to you? Why did I not come to you and be like, 'Bro… research, hook a guy up!'" He added, “I play the world’s most experienced, been-there, seen-that, done-it-all gigolo. It’s really fun, and stars Kristen Bell and Salma Hayek."

For the upcoming movie “Monster Trucks,” which will be out soon, he used some real-life people for his inspiration. “I based my character on two of my favorite Texans, Jerry Jones and Rick Perry. Jerry Jones because he said the word 'scoo,' which I like... instead of school, like, 'Where did you go to school?' It’s 'Where’d you go to scoo?' So I stole that, and I stole Rick Perry’s wardrobe.”

The third project he's working on is the highly anticipated “Super Troopers” sequel. He said of the film, “It’s coming, and it is so funny! I play an idiot Canadian small town mayor. Just the wardrobe alone will be worth the price of admission!”