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Mary Tyler Moore's Cause of Death Revealed

Mary Tyler Moore's Cause of Death Revealed

One week after her death, Mary Tyler Moore’s death certificate has been released.

According to the document, obtained by TMZ, Moore, Moore died from cardiopulmonary arrest, which means her heart stopped, not that she had a heart attack. The conditions that led to her heartbeat stopping include aspiration pneumonia, hypoxia and diabetes mellitus.

TMZ reports that Moore died after she was taken off life support on Tuesday night.

Over the weekend, Moore was laid to rest at Oaklawn Cemetery in Fairfield, Connecticut.

The Connecticut Post reports that around 50 of her closest friends and family attended the private funeral. Before Moore was buried, mourners gathered at a small white chapel to pay their final respects. Police Lt. James Perez, who was one of the officers on hand at the proceedings, said, "It was very quiet, a small group. There was a brief service. It’s a beautiful site that she’s at. It’s nice what the family did. It was a nice little send-off for her.”

On Sunday, many fans visited Mary’s grave at the ceremony, which was open to the public. One fan, Debra Capperrune, drove 15 hours to say good-bye to Mary. "I didn’t stop, drove straight through,” she said. "I cried for two days and I then said, ‘Let’s go.’ I grew up with her and just loved her. I must have played ‘Love Is All Around’ a thousand times since her death.”