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Inside Mary Tyler Moore’s Heartbreaking Final Days

Inside Mary Tyler Moore’s Heartbreaking Final Days

TV icon Mary Tyler Moore was living in pain before passing away Wednesday at age 80.

Her "The Dick Van Dyke Show” co-star and close friend Rose Marie, 93, told RadarOnline, “Oh, my God, she suffered so much these last few years. She had a tumor and she had diabetes. She was going blind and she couldn’t hear very well, either.”

Along with those ailments, Radar reports that Moore also battled Alzheimer’s and heart and kidney problems.

As for their last conversation together, Rose Marie revealed that Mary sounded “very, very sick.” She continued, "We talked about how much fun we had on the show, the things we did on the show that we laughed about. Mary said, ‘I miss you so much, dear.’”

The night before Mary’s passing, Rose Marie was informed by Dick Van Dyke, 91, about Moore's grave condition. She shared, "He called me last night and said, ‘It’s very bad, honey. She’s going to go very soon now.’”

Rose Marie said, “I’m very upset right now. I’m crying so hard, I can’t talk. We were good friends and I miss her already. This is very hard for me.”

Mary's longtime chef and close friend Dorothy Sepe added, "The diabetes finally got to her. She’d become a vegetarian — almost a vegan — for her health. But the diabetes was her downfall. Her eyesight was going. She had bad feet. Her body failed on her.”

TMZ reports that Moore was breathing with the help of respirator for a week before she was taken off life support on Tuesday night.