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George Michael’s Initial Autopsy Report Released

George Michael’s Initial Autopsy Report Released

Nearly a week after his death, an autopsy has been performed on singer George Michael.

The postmortem examination, which took place on Thursday, produced inconclusive results, so more tests will be done to determine why the pop superstar died at age 53.

Thames Valley police said in a statement, "The results of these tests are unlikely to be known for several weeks."

The statement continued, “Thames Valley police will prepare a file for the Oxfordshire coroner. Mr Michael’s death is still being treated as unexplained but not suspicious."

Since his passing, many have speculated on the reason behind Michael’s shocking death. The Mirror UK reports that Michael had suffered from a secret lung problem since his life-threatening bout with pneumonia in 2011. A source shared, "His lungs never fully recovered. That can happen after a serious bout of pneumonia like George had. Sometimes it leaves the lung scarred or damaged, which can lead to a loss of function. Part of the lung basically doesn’t work anymore. It can leave you feeling breathless, as the lungs have a smaller capacity than before.”

Others have speculated he had a secret addiction to heroin, with one source claiming to The Telegraph UK, "He's been rushed to A&E on several occasions. He used heroin. I think it’s amazing he’s lasted as long as he has.”

At the time of his death, his manager said that George died from heart failure.