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Kim Kardashian Ditches Wedding Ring, Fueling Kanye West Breakup Rumors

Over the weekend, Kim Kardashian went without her wedding ring at her family’s Christmas Eve party, sparking rumors that her marriage to Kanye West is on the rocks.

Kim's sis Khloé posted a Snapchat, saying, “Look who it is in the house… Mrs. West in the building.” In the Snapchat, Kim showed off her lip ring standing behind Khloé.

In another video, Khloé gave a better look at Kim’s gold dress, raving, "How dope is my f**king sister? Look at this dress. And look at the jewellery. You are a bad*** bitch, Kim.”

Notably absent from Khloé and Kendall Jenner’s Snapchat videos… Kanye!

A source claimed to The Sun UK, “Kim and Kanye’s marriage is as good as over. It’s looking bleak. [Kim] didn’t want Kanye at her mum’s Christmas bash this year, as she felt it was the first time she could really let her hair down.”

The source continued, "But he made a late show and spent the last hour just sitting on the couch talking to Scott Disick [father of Kourtney’s kids] — he was a total wallflower."

Kim’s rep responded to the story, telling Dailymail.UK, "The story is false. Kanye was at the party."

The party was just one day after Kim and Kanye attended "The Nutcracker" with daughter North in Redondo Beach. The insider shared, "On Friday they took North to see The Nutcracker but they barely spoke or interacted inside. The tensions were visible. Neither of them are in a happy place right now."

The insider added, “He spent Christmas morning at Kris’ [Kim’s mum] to make things as normal for the kids as possible, but it’s just a matter of timing. The only thing that might keep them together is the kids.”

On Christmas, the Kardashian/Jenner clan took to social media to share what they were gifted. Kylie gave Kendall an adorable dog - a white Italian Greyhound puppy.

Their grandma Mary Jo was gifted a brand new red Mercedes and a classic Thunderbird.