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Prince Harry’s Secret Visit to See Meghan Markle After Caribbean Tour

Prince Harry’s Secret Visit to See Meghan Markle After Caribbean Tour

Prince Harry just finished his tour of the Caribbean… and reportedly flew straight to girlfriend Meghan Markle!

Instead of flying back home, Harry reportedly jetted to Canada to see Markle. A source told The Sun, "Harry just couldn’t wait to see her. He was due to fly back to London on a British Airways flight with the rest of his entourage. But he changed his mind and diverted straight to see her as they couldn’t bear to be apart.”

"It’s just another sign of how head-over-heels he is about her. He is absolutely besotted. We’ve never seen him so happy — it’s great,” the source added.

Another insider told E! News that Harry is still in Toronto, saying, "Harry has been traveling and wanted to make time to see Meghan. They wanted their time together to be private."

On Harry's last day in the Caribbean, Meghan was seen chatting on the phone after a yoga session in Toronto. Meghan is also smitten with Harry. A pal of the actress recently told People magazine, "It’s been an absolute fairy tale for Meghan… It’s a very serious relationship and she wants a future with Harry.”


Markle has also been keeping her life more private since news of the romance. The friend continued, "She’s trying to figure out how to scale back what she puts out there about her life, including her social media and her website. If she had to leave all that she’s doing in order for the relationship to work, she would without hesitation.”

Last month, Harry confirmed their relationship and admitted that he feared for Markle’s safety.