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John Stamos on His Ageless Look & GF Caitlin McHugh

John Stamos on His Ageless Look & GF Caitlin McHugh

“Extra’s” Renee Bargh recently caught up with John Stamos, who opened up on his anti-aging secrets and his relationship with girlfriend Caitlin McHugh.

Stamos, known for his roles on “Full House” and “Scream Queens,” is also famous for his good looks, which have stood the test of time. The 53-year-old said, "I do have a Peter Pan Syndrome about me. There's a time where you have to really kinda let some of that go, and I think that was part of cleaning up my act the last few years, being kinda more responsible to myself.”

John has been dating girlfriend Caitlin McHugh since last year. He dished, “I'm happy. It always comes back to bite you when you start talking about relationships and girls. I tell all my friends, ‘Don't post pictures of you and your girlfriend.’ She's very respectful of it and she doesn’t.” Watch!

Aside from enjoying his relationship with Caitlin, he is also creating a TV show. John said, “I was just 18 when I auditioned for 'General Hospital' on a Monday and I shot the first episode Wednesday and a week later it aired and [I] got catapulted into whatever that sort of weird [thing] soap opera stardom was… We are loosely basing it on my life. It’s sort of 'Boogie Nights' in the soap world in the '80s."

John is using his fame to better the world, recently hosting the annual Goodwill Gala. The benefit is a real family affair, with his sister serving as co-chair and his brother-in-law as CEO. John shared, “We have met so many amazing people. Everyone is loving and kind."

For information on how to help, visit OCGoodwill.org!