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How Derek Hough Made His Mark in Hollywood

How Derek Hough Made His Mark in Hollywood
LaPalme Magazine

Derek Hough is a true Hollywood triple threat - acting, singing and of course dancing - his way around the ballroom. He has come a long way since growing up in Utah with superstar sister Julianne. You can now find Derek on the cover of LaPalme Magazine's holiday issue.

In his early years, Derek and his sister moved from Utah to London during their parents' divorce. It was during that time the dancer met another future “DWTS” castmate Mark Ballas.

"Mark and I actually met in Utah because his parents were teaching dance there," Hough said. "And when they moved to London I moved over there with his parents and we became like brothers really. I’m the best man in his wedding. It’s cool because I remember us being kids in our bedroom back in London and being like, hey man it’s so weird that we’re going to be best men at each other’s weddings. It’s weird, so here we are!”


Derek has enjoyed the bright lights of Hollywood, including starring on “Dancing with the Stars” with his sister Julianne and best friend Mark. “It’s been really cool to go on these journeys and have these opportunities together," Hough reflected. "I think it’s very unique and very fortunate. Even with my sister...to be able to work with her and to share passions and to share interests; I've been very fortunate.”

Recently, a pair of protestors stormed the “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom floor wearing anti Ryan Lochte t-shirts during a live taping. Derek candidly said, “For me it flipped a switch and I went up there in my rhinestone jacket, might I add. It bothered me. I told them they had to leave; especially when somebody’s vulnerable and they’re trying to do something good and they’re doing the right things to try to make things right, like Ryan was on the show. He was taking the right steps to try and make things right from what happened at the Olympics. He apologized and he was trying to move forward.”

While he remains mum on who he is dating, he mentions he does know what he wants in the future. “I do see myself married with kids and with a thriving career over the next five years.” He does mention his deal breakers, “Smells. I hate bad smells; in any sense of the word. A smoker is a deal breaker.”

In December Derek will take on the role of Corny Collins in the TV adaptation of “Hairspray.” The cast includes multitalented stars Jennifer Hudson, Ariana Grande, Kristin Chenoweth, Harvey Fierstein and Martin Short. "The ‘Hairspray' cast is unbelievable!" Hough exclaimed. "The role of Corny Collins is such a cool, great character. Corny is based on a real person who, back in the day, had the idea of integration in a show but he ended up getting fired for having the idea of bringing African Americans onto his show. So it’s based loosely on that but in that sense you have a true story. The whole show is very relevant.”


Derek admits he has a bit of a bad boy side, telling LaPalme, “I love heavy metal rock music. I was just at a metal concert the other day. I love Killswitch Engage. It’s weird. People see me when I’m in my 'Dancing with the Stars’ costumes, but I go listen to other music. It’s like, you know, crazy rock and metal music. I don’t think people really expect that out of me.”

Derek was even once in a band! “I was in a punk-rock band. I played drums. I was the drummer and we had long hair and our fingernails painted black and the whole thing. So, for me, it just reminds me of my youth and the times I just loved; it was such a great time. It’s one of those things where it’s nostalgic.”

Learn more about Derek Hough in LaPalme Magazine's holiday issue on newsstands December 1.