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Charlie Sheen Releases Poem About Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller’s Hospitalization

Charlie Sheen Releases Poem About Ex-Wife Brooke Mueller’s Hospitalization

Actor Charlie Sheen has released a statement on his ex-wife Brooke Mueller’s hospitalization… and it’s in the form of a poem.

Sheen told People magazine, "In the face of a roughshod and polar moment of unsanctioned divide, sanity and certainty were restored with grace and resolve.”

The 51-year-old went on, "Immeasurable gratitude and love to a fellow yeoman of the apocalypse; sir Michael from that hamlet called Walters, need accept each and every Crimson palm-sting, as high fives rain upon his bitchen nobility, not just from this traveler, but from his safe and stable brood as well.”

Along with Charlie, Brooke’s sister Sydney Wolofsky is also commenting on her hospitalization. She told People, "I hope Brooke gets the help she needs this time because she is an amazing person with so much to offer.”

She continued, "I’m happy my parents and Charlie will be taking care of Bob and Max while Brooke is getting this help. I will be with them over Thanksgiving weekend and Christmas vacation. I’m looking forward to that.”

Another friend of Brooke’s shared with E! News, "Right now, her family is in a tough position. On the one hand, you want to help, but you don't want to enable. And at the end of the day, they need to live their own lives. Her mom is very concerned right now.”

Earlier this week, Mueller caused a commotion by going barefoot at a Salt Lake City bar with her seven-year-old twins and their nanny in tow. After the cops and the Utah Department of Public Safety were made aware of her behavior, she was sent to a hospital for evaluation.