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‘Project Runway’ Hairstylist Commits Suicide in NYC

Former “Project Runway” hairstylist George Ortiz has committed suicide, according to the New York Daily News.

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On Tuesday, Ortiz was found dead in his Manhattan apartment with a bag on his head and duct-tape around his neck. There was also a hose connecting the plastic bag to a nitrogen tank.

Ortiz was last seen alive on Sunday and wrote on Facebook last week, “Don’t cry for me.”

The New York City Medical Examiner’s office has ruled that his death was caused by asphyxia, due to the plastic bag covering his head and displacement of oxygen by nitrogen.

His suicide has shocked many, including his neighbor Donald Gatland. The 75-year-old said, "He was a good dude. He was a real nice guy. He'd speak to me, he'd just say hello — he was always singing. He thought he was a tenor. He used to sing high-pitched. He was real friendly.”

Gatland went on, "Matter of fact, it would seem like it was three days ago me and him was talking, you know, he said hello.”

Ortiz appeared on “Project Runway” from 2006-2010. Back in 2010, he said in a documentary, “I've been very blessed, very lucky, that things happened really quickly for me once I decided — well, not decided, once I discovered my passion for hair."