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What Chelsea Handler Wants to See From Trump Administration

What Chelsea Handler Wants to See From Trump Administration

Last night, television personality Chelsea Handler stepped out to support the Glamour Women of the Year Awards, where she got emotional over Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

Handler admitted to “Extra’s” Renee Bargh that her post-election show was “really brutal” since she wasn’t sure she could do the taping. She added, "Thank goodness Barbra Boxer was there and able to be a voice of encouragement and hope, but it is a really devastating blow just for every minority in this country.”

When asked what she hopes to see from the Trump administration, she responded, “The end of it.”

The always-outspoken Handler also voiced concern over an issue that she feels America is facing. “We've got a problem with women supporting women and it needs to stop.”

She emphasized the need for change, saying, "We got to talk to people who have different opinions than us, and we have to be open-minded, we can't be so judgmental, and women are rough on each other. After this election, it's more obvious than ever… I want everyone to have their voices heard and how important it is to raise young girls with self-respect.”