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‘Extra’ Exclusive: Eva Longoria on Married Life with José 'Pepe' Bastón

Last week, only “Extra’s” Mario Lopez sat down with his good friend Eva Longoria at her annual fundraiser for her foundation, where she opened up about married life and the election.

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Eva, who wed her longtime boyfriend José “Pepe” Bastón in May, is loving life, professing, “I love being Mrs. Bastón!” As for her husband, she raved, “He’s amazing! He’s the best thing about me now.” She smiled, saying, “Which I’m pretty amazing, so for me to say that, he has to be pretty amazing.”

She continued, “He’s just amazing and loving and sweet. I’m so traditional — I love being in the kitchen and cooking, making sure dinner is ready, that’s just me, not that it’s for everybody, and I’m a feminist. I think I have a really good balance in my life and he supports me in my career, and my ambitions, and my drive. He’s one of the first people to get that.”

One of Eva’s other drives… politics! Eva, a big supporter of the Democratic party and Hillary, shared her reaction to the election news. “I was in bed for almost two days after this election, so I can’t imagine what she's feeling, you know? I was so devastated. I can’t imagine what she feels.”

Of President-elect Trump’s transition into leader of the free world, she said, “First of all, the people have spoken, right? We have the best democracy in the world, we have the best election system in the world, so I understand people’s frustrations that our candidate didn’t win… I think both sides had the same issues in the campaign… I think it’s a time when our country needs to move forward and I hope that President elect Trump understands he has to be the president for all Americans, not just the people that voted for him, so I think that’s gonna take some effort to mend those wounds that some of those communities felt.”

The 41-year-old added, “I’m also rooting for compassionate Donald to come out. I actually knew him prior to all of this and I remember I had a fundraiser for one of my child farmworker documentaries in New York and we invited everybody in New York and he couldn’t come and he sent me a note and he said, 'I’m so sorry I can’t be there, I hope this helps,' and it was a check donating to this charity… and that’s the Donald I knew and that’s the Donald I remember. I think people say things in elections to get elected, and I’m hoping the Donald I knew 10 years ago for a Latino organization is the one that leads the White House.”

Politics aside, Eva is working hard on her charity and her career, which has had her taking the director’s chair. “I’ve only been directing this past year and I love it… I love being behind the camera. I love having control of the final product.”

Longoria is also starring in a new movie with Jamie Foxx, Jeremy Piven, Gerard Butler, and DJ Khaled. “It’s called ‘All-Star Weekend.' Jamie Foxx wrote, directed, and is starring in it. He plays three characters. He's so funny… A lot of improv. It’s about two guys — Jamie Fox and Jeremy Piven — trying to get to the all-star basketball weekend and the drama that ensues, and I’m the girl that they pick up along the way. It’s a little crazy.”

Despite her busy schedule, she still makes time for her foundation. “The Eva Longoria Foundation specifically helps Latinas through educational programs and entrepreneurial programs, so helping them get out of high school, take the SAT, apply for college, find financial resources all the way, to giving them micro loans and business training to start their own businesses... It’s amazing! We've helped thousands of children and we've given over a million dollars in micro loans to Latinas.”