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Would Cory Booker Consider a Cabinet Position with Hillary Clinton?

Would Cory Booker Consider a Cabinet Position with Hillary Clinton?

Senator Cory Booker has been campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. “Extra’s” AJ Calloway chatted with the former Mayor of Newark, who is talking about some of the hot topics in politics.

Some have suggested Booker could be part of Clinton’s cabinet if she is elected, however, he says, “I would unequivocally not take a cabinet position.” He went on, “Look, the people of New Jersey elected me two years ago to a full term. I love this job. I want to stay being a United States Senator. We are getting a lot of wins for Jersey… there's so many big projects that I want to do from this position that I can get done. I'm gonna stay in the saddle, stay in my state and the beautiful thing about being a Senator is that you can talk about issues, you can pull people together, you can get things done despite what people say about Washington, and I want to stay in the saddle and do that.”

Booker also weighed in on the “Bridgegate” scandal that has plagued the state of New Jersey. The scandal involved two former aides of Governor Chris Christie. They were convicted in a political payback scheme involving the George Washington Bridge, and Christie has denied involvement. Senator Booker commented, “I think in New Jersey we know what the facts are… that's over and behind us now. The Governor has one full year left in his term, then he's termed out.” He continued, “He's the Governor of my state. I'm the Senator. We're two of three statewide elected officials and we've gotta work together. And so, this goes to the points we were talking about before, not gonna degrade him in fact I'm gonna find ways that Chris Christie and I can work together for the benefit of New Jersey.”

When discussing the tumultuous election season and the attempt to bring the country together, he told AJ, “I don't care who you are, Republican or Democrat. We need to take the conversations from out of the gutter and back to the highest ideals. Back to appealing to people's greater angels, because what's happening now."