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Pamela Anderson Demands Better Regulation of Ride-Sharing Apps

Pamela Anderson Demands Better Regulation of Ride-Sharing Apps

Pamela Anderson is starring in a public service campaign designed to educate the public on what she claims or the alleged or perceived dangers

The video, titled “The Driving Game!”, is an extension of the Ride Responsibly initiative to improve safety for passengers using ride-hailing apps. In the PSA, Pamela shares with viewers, “You can’t always vet the driver you are using, but the service you are using should.”

Anderson also said that she has previously felt unsafe while a single passenger in a ride-sharing car because drivers had not been vetted like cab and car services do.

“Every day, millions of Americans use ride-hailing apps that do not always hold their drivers accountable for their behavior behind the wheel, leaving passengers vulnerable.” Continuing, “Much more concerning are incidents of sexual assault. It is time we implement some common sense measures, including comprehensive background checks and drug testing, for everyone’s safety.”

While the services are convenient, Pamela says, “They must operate by the same rules as taxis and limos, with drivers who have been fingerprinted, background checked, drug tested and trained."

A rep told TMZ the PSA "misleads consumers about the many safety benefits of ride sharing.” In addition, both companies insist all their drivers undergo background checks.