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You Haven’t Seen ‘Sister Wives’ Drama Like THIS Before!

You Haven’t Seen ‘Sister Wives’ Drama Like THIS Before!

TLC’s “Sister Wives” is back for another season, and they’re taking you for a drama-filled ride!

Polygamist Kody Brown and his four wives are in for some challenges this season with an impending engagement, a catfishing incident, and some rivalries between sisters, mothers, and daughters.

Kody’s second wife, Janelle, has a daughter prepping to get married, his third wife, Christine, wants to get engaged to a man she met only five months prior, and his first wife, Meri’s daughter Mariah, is still trying to deal with a catfishing experience.

The family heads off to the mountains of Utah for some respite — but will they get it?

Find out on the new season of “Sister Wives,” Sundays on TLC, starting November 27.