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Omarosa Speaks Out on Recent Donald Trump Allegations

Omarosa Speaks Out on Recent Donald Trump Allegations

“Extra” was with “Celebrity Apprentice” star and Donald Trump supporter Omarosa Manigault in North Carolina, where she was delivering humanitarian relief to the victims of Hurricane Matthew, part of Trump’s Women’s Tour efforts. Alongside Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara, the senior advisor for African-American engagement for the Trump campaign delivered supplies reportedly made possible by the personal contribution of the Republican presidential nominee.

On the heels of the recent allegations of sexual misconduct made against Trump, Omarosa stated, “We’re in the middle of a really intense political battle and October is traditionally the time you see this type of filth and smut come out.”

When it comes to the leaked tapes of Trump making lewd comments about women, her stance was forgiving. “Inexcusable and indefensible so I will not do that, and in fact he apologized and more importantly he apologized to his wife and his family and if they accept his apology, I think we should and move on.”

Omarosa defended The Donald’s conduct during her years of work with him in the reality TV. “I think I am probably uniquely qualified to answer this question, being as though I have done four seasons of television with Mr. Trump, three seasons on ‘The Apprentice’ and one on a spin-off we did, and he was nothing but professional, encouraging, and supportive.”

Omarosa went on to blame Hillary Clinton’s campaign for using anything possible to derail Trump’s path. “The political maneuvering that she is doing is actually showing America what she is about. While we’re here helping to feed people, clothe people, and find shelter for folks, she’s continuing to drag out people who will say anything negative about Donald Trump,” she said.

Omarosa’s comments preceded new allegations by a Season 5 contestant of “The Apprentice,” who on Friday accused Trump of sexually harassing her and kissing her without permission during a meeting in 2007.