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Hillary Clinton on ‘SNL’ Presidential Debate Parody, Kim Kardashian's Robbery and Her Special Message to Millenials

In a new interview on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton tells “Extra’s” AJ Calloway her thoughts on “Saturday Night Live’s” debate spoof, Kim Kardashian’s robbery in Paris, and her special message for millennials.

Though Clinton is busy with her campaign, she still made time to catch the epic premiere of “Saturday Night Live” this past weekend, with Kate McKinnon reprising her role as Hillary and Alec Baldwin taking on Republican candidate Donald Trump for the first time.

She revealed, “I saw it on delay, but I did see it.” She smiled, saying, “I’ll tell you when Kate McKinnon came out with the walker, I thought I was going to fall off my chair. She makes me laugh anyway, she is so funny just naturally. Oh, my gosh, she was amazing. I wish I could do the jumps, the splits, the somersault." She laughed, joking, "I’ve been working on it.” When AJ suggested she could do it, Hillary joked, “The next debate, the next debate — cartwheels.”

As for what she thought about Baldwin’s Trump impression, Clinton commented, “Perfect. I can’t wait to see what else they're going to do. His look, his scowling, his staring down then muttering his response, he was perfect.” She quipped, “I don’t know who is going to show up at the next debate Sunday night.”

Clinton isn’t quite sure if she’ll have time to make another in-person appearance on “SNL," but you never know. “We have a lot of ground to cover in the next 35 days, but I’m always up for standing around the bar,” she said, referencing her last appearance as barkeep Val.

The former Secretary of State also weighed in on Kim Kardashian’s scary robbery in Paris, which has dominated headlines internationally since news of the crime broke Sunday. Kim publicly endorsed Hillary last month. While commending Kanye West for rushing to Kim's side after the incident, Hillary said, "I felt really bad for her.” She added, "He was in the middle of the concert and he ran offstage, bless his heart. I’m just glad nobody was hurt.”

Moving on from comedy and drama, Clinton said she was thrilled with her recent town hall in Haverford, Pennsylvania, with friend Elizabeth Banks by her side.

The Democratic candidate spent time discussing her debt-free college plans and how to combat gun violence and school bullying, fielding questions from women before chatting with AJ.

She gushed, “Really happy to be with my friend Elizabeth, who did an amazing job moderating our town hall about kids and family issues. I thought it was terrific, the questions were great and the level of interest and enthusiasm, and Elizabeth called on a lot of young people, so we heard what was on their minds.”

Banks offered the same sentiments about Clinton, raving, “It was really amazing, especially from the young women. The first question was about body image, something that is really important to young women, and boys as well. Everybody is on social media and taking their worth and value from social media and I thought Hillary spoke beautifully about that.”

Hillary also had a special message for millennials as we approach 35 days until the election. “I want them to know how impressed I am with this generation… I also know that for a lot of young people, it has not been easy… I want people to know, I am surrounded by young people and we don’t want to go backwards… If they will help me win on November 8, I will go in the White House and get up every day and try to figure out how I can help them have the kind of future they deserve.”

Tune in to “Extra” tomorrow for more of Clinton’s interview.