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How Jon Bon Jovi’s Past Tribulations Inspired His New Album

How Jon Bon Jovi’s Past Tribulations Inspired His New Album

Legendary rocker Jon Bon Jovi is back with a new single and a new album of the same name, “This House Is Not for Sale.” He sat down with “Extra’s” Renee Bargh in the place where it all began… the New York City studio,where he and his bandmates recorded their first album back in the '80s.

Jon opened up about his new music and why he is with “her” when it comes to the presidential election. On sharing his new music, he commented, “It’s been an interesting last few years to see it come together, and to now share it with the world is something I’ve been waiting to do, I’m very proud of it, as are the guys… Now that the single is out and the statements been made, we're very excited.”

The music was three years in the making, since Bon Jovi was at a cross roads in his life. He explained, “There was a lot going on, at the end of the last tour, stuff with the band members changing around and trials and tribulations in the business of music, so it was a tumultuous last tour.”

He added, “The three years between then and now, out of great pains comes great songs. This record was simple, we just said, 'we have a lot to say and nothing to prove.'”

Bon Jovi’s songs are inspired by his own life experience, saying, “A lot of what I live through is in the lyrics of the songs.”

The album is packed with rock anthems, Jon pointed out, “There’s a lot of them… 'This House Is Not for Sale' is as much of a statement as we’ve made before, this heart, this soul, this house is not for sale, it’s about my integrity.”

Jon has had a few #1 tours in his career, but he’s not so sure he’ll do a big blow out tour for this album. “Perhaps, not necessarily… I haven’t honestly decided.” He went on, “We’ll go out, but not to the extent that historically we have done.”

What he is certain about… supporting Hillary Clinton's campaign to become president. Bon Jovi recently performed at a fundraiser in the Hamptons for the Democratic nominee, “That was especially fun because Jimmy Buffet is a dear friend of mine, it was at Jimmy’s house. Paul McCartney, you know Paul, no matter who he is around you become a giddy kid because he’s one of the Beatles… Any time I get to spend time with him is a treat.”

The 54-year-old is a longtime supporter of Hillary, gushing, “I think that she’s fabulous. I think she’s the right person for the job. Her experience speaks volumes and personally I’m blessed to say I know her and trust her, so for the sake of my kids and the country, I’m supporting her.”

“This House Is Not for Sale” is available for digital pre-order. It officially drops October 21.