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Chris Brown Accuser's Former Roommate Claims She Made False Accusations Against Him

Chris Brown Accuser's Former Roommate Claims She Made False Accusations Against Him

Princeton Roseborough is speaking out to “Extra” about his former roommate Baylee Curran, the same woman who accused Chris Brown of pulling a gun on her this week.

Roseborough told us he lived in the same house as Baylee for about a year before a blowup that ended with the model filing a restraining order against him. The temporary restraining order was later dismissed when Curran didn’t show up for court.

According to Princeton, here is what happened: "I had a girl over and my door was locked and I didn’t have a key to it, so I called my brother to bring the key over… so I was waiting in [Baylee’s] room with a girl there. Baylee came and she kind of got frantic about it… she got into it with the girl I was with. She swung at the girl and I caught her wrist. She made up all this BS saying I hurt her wrist, I pushed her against the wall, that was after she called the cops."

Roseborough says Baylee "accused me of hurting her wrist, pushing her up against a wall, and saying threats like I was out to get her."

He continued, "She made false accusations against me… the fact that she’s going to do this with Chris Brown… I feel like she’s just trying to get herself well-known. She just likes to cause drama… I’m not surprised if she’s doing this for publicity."

When asked if he thinks Chris did pull a gun on Baylee, Princeton said, "I think he is innocent.”

“Extra” sat down with Baylee earlier this week to talk about the incident at Brown’s home, and she insisted she was frightened for her life and that she would never make up something like this. “For a minute I thought, ‘Yeah, yep this is it, he's gonna shoot me.’” She later added, “I would never lie… why? For what? If I was doing this for fame… or something of that sort... why would I do it this way?"

Meanwhile, Brown took to Instagram to declare his innocence after being arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. He is currently out on $250,000 bail.