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Blac Chyna Rejects ‘Stripper Ho’ Label, Plus: Rob Speaks Out on Their Relationship

Blac Chyna Rejects ‘Stripper Ho’ Label, Plus: Rob Speaks Out on Their Relationship
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Reality star Blac Chyna is baring her baby bump in the new issue of Elle, where she opened up about her new show “Rob & Chyna” and life with Rob Kardashian.

Chyna and Rob are about to let viewers see their everyday lives on their reality show. She shared, “I wanted to show people my personality, that I’m not just a pretty face or what some people paint me out to be: this bad person, this stripper ho. I want them to see me as a mom, a businesswoman, a growing being.”

Williams + Hirakawa

The pair are also awaiting the arrival of their baby, but will their bundle of joy have a “K” moniker like most members of the Kardashians? She revealed, “No, the baby won’t have a K name. We both agreed.”

Rob and Chyna announced they were expecting in May, just under four months after they started dating. As for how they make their relationship work, Chyna explained, “Around Rob, I’m always able to speak my mind and speak freely and not care. I can do the craziest stuff or say the craziest stuff, and he doesn’t judge me. Like if my stomach hurts, I don’t have to pretend. I can go straight to the bathroom. It’s those little things that really make a big difference.”

Rob also gushed about Chyna in the latest issue of People magazine, saying, "She got me through my darkest times. I wasn't happy in my own skin. I missed out on so many things.”


In the issue, Rob explained how he got out of the "friend zone" with Chyna, saying, "I've been friends with Chyna for a long time. She was someone I reached out to for advice. She would cook for me and we'd just talk. She's surrounded me with a lot of positivity. From the moment we met, I knew I wanted to be more than friends."

“Rob & Chyna” premieres September 11 on E!