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What Josh Duhamel’s Son Axl Loved About His First Baseball Game

Actor Josh Duhamel is playing the bearded drug loving out of the world pitcher, Bill “Spaceman” Lee in the new film “Spaceman,” but he is also Daddy to son Axl with his wife, superstar singer, Fergie. Earlier this week, Josh joined “Extra’s” Charissa Thompson at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he opened up about taking his son to his first baseball game and his new role.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Josh was recently spotted at a Los Angeles Dodgers game, where he threw out the first pitch, and even posted the fun family moments on social media. He pointed out that Axl was more interested in the park cuisine then his first baseball game ever. Duhamel said, “Well, he loved the hot dogs, so he didn’t really care.” Josh stayed just long enough for Axl to sit still, sharing, “Well, we had to leave so we only stayed for about three innings so it was perfect.”

The 43-year-old also dished on coming up with the concept for Fergie’s perfectly epic “Milk Money” music video. He commented, "It came from, we did a photo shoot when she was very pregnant where… we did this spoof photo shoot with me dressed up as the milk man and she the hot neighborhood wife; that’s where she got the idea for the video. I think it’s a great video.”

Duhamel is hoping sports fans will think “Spaceman” is a great movie, too, gushing, “It’s really a stoner baseball movie… It’s a fun, easy movie and that’s what I love most about it… It tells a story about a guy who had a reputation and gives you an understanding as to why… I love the fact that he had this reputation for being out-there.”