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What Mark Wahlberg Says When He Is Mistaken for Matt Damon

Actor Mark Wahlberg is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood, showing no signs of slowing down. He joined “Extra’s” Mario Lopez at Universal Studios Hollywood, where he dished on his projects, fitness regimen, the removal of his tattoo, and the other actor he gets mistaken for.

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Even after decades of being in the spotlight, Mark and superstar buddy Matt Damon deal with a funny case of mistaken identity. He shared, “People always say they love me in 'The Bourne Identity’… And I just say say, ‘Thank you.'” Matt gets mistaken for Mark as well, adding that fans say, "I love you in ’Ted.’” Mark added, “We just laugh it off. I never correct anybody, I just say, ‘Thank you very much. Watch me in 'The Bourne Identity 4.'”

Mark is producing the new USA series “Shooter,” stars in the new film “Deep Horizon,” is just wrapping “Patriots Day,” and is now busy shooting “Transformers: The Last Night.” Even with all his projects, he still finds time to work out in the morning. He shared, “Well, I put on a lot of weight to play a regular cop in Boston for 'Patriots Day,' so then I had two weeks to do what I would normally do in 10-12 weeks in losing weight and getting in shape. So I got up at 4 this morning and worked out and left and teed off at 6:15 and I ran the whole golf course — I’d hit the ball and just run to the next shot. I did that from 6:15 to 8:00, and then I’ll do some work today — I’ll hit the rope and the bag and pushups and the resistance bike for probably another 30 minutes.”

Since he starts his day so early, he ends up going to bed before his family does! The father of four revealed, “I got to go to bed at 8; I gotta get eight hours, which annoys my wife and my kids.” Watch!

The superstar recently had his tattoos removed. His kids witnessed the long, painful process. “They’re gone now. I got a tiny bit lingering there [rolls up sleeve on left arm]. It took a long time. It was painful. You think getting tattoos is painful? Removing them is twice as painful. I thought it would be smart for me to take my kids to kinda show them as a cautionary tale [that] this is not something you want to do. Even if you think it’s cool when you’re at a certain age, you’ll want to remove them later on. But it’s one of those things, they’re not gonna listen. People always say to me, 'If you had a chance to [talk to] 16-year-old Mark Wahlberg, what would you tell him?' And I say, ‘Nothing, because… he thinks he knows it all. The only way you can become a wise old man is by being a stupid young kid. I’m grateful I was able to grow from my mistakes.”

This fall, Mark is back on the big screen, co-starring alongside Kate Hudson in the thriller “Deep Water Horizon,” based on the true story of the worst oil spill in U.S. history. He gushed, “It’s an amazing story of heroism and it’s really inspirational, so I’m excited about it.” As for his latest TV project, “Shooter,” he is executive producing after starring in the 2007 movie. The 45-year-old said of Ryan Phillippe, who is taking over his role, “Ryan’s perfect for that part."